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Industrial liquid chlorine 99.6%

Industrial liquid chlorine 99.6%

1. Property
Liquid chlorine is yellow liquid; boiling point is -340C; melting point is -1010C; specific gravity is 1.468. And it is highly toxic. It can react with metal, non-metal and their compounds.

Liquid chlorine is important chemical raw material. Ii is widely used in chemical, oil, pharmaceutical, metallurgy industry and etc. In addition it also be used in textile, papermaking filed as decolorizer and as daily used sanitizer.

3. Storage and transportation
Packing: special liquid chlorine steel cylinder and the net weight is 500Kg or 1000Kg.
Storage: the steel cylinder should be stored in cool and dry shed and the storage period should be less than 3 months.
Transportation: by vehicle; single-deck; roll, sunshine and high temperature should be avoided.
Sign: steel cylinder weight, liquid chlorine weight, production date, manufacturer, and the mark of toxic